Hello everyone.
In August 2011 I started to build my third stunt F2B airplane. As the heart of the project I chose Yuriy Yatsenko’s Classic (http://discovery-aeromodels.com/en/yuriy-yatsenko-classic-model.html), but it was designed for 10ccm engine. My version is a bit smaller, for 7,5ccm: wingspan 1350mm, wing area ~37,7 sqdm, stab area ~8,1 sqdm, lenght 1000mm from the prop.
Using Autodesk software I made the detailed drawing with the most part of details ready to cut from balsa and plywood.

During process draw was modified and changed many times.


Here are some pictures of project 

Before cutting foam inside:

After cutting foam inside:

As you can see project is still in process and is far from finish. Check for updates on this website